Freemason Wheels.


Freemason Wheels, Masonic Wheels, Masonic Square and Compass Manufactured and Designed Forged Wheels by the World Famous Loma Wheels for S.O.T.S 1451 Lodge.

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Sons Of The Soil 1451 are proud to partner with Loma Wheels to produce uniquely designed items instantly recognisable for use by ourselves and for Freemasons worldwide to do like wise.

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Some of the lodges brethren have known Mario Radosavljevic of Loma Wheels for a long-time and they know and trust him to deliver these freemason designed wheels of the highest quality manufactured from state of the art forged wheel production plants.

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Loma Wheels masonic Sons of the Soil 1451 forged wheels.

This is what Loma Wheels stated;

S.O.T.S 1451 Mason Forged Wheels.

The SOTS 1451 MASON forged wheel stands for the Scottish Freemason Lodge 1451  ” Sons of the Soil “.

Secretary Bro. Brian Hunter and Bro. Kevin Reid launched this project.

It is the first of its kind and has the lodge number 1451 on every rim this proves its authentic, collectable and very a very good investment going forward.

Freemasons get a special discount by showing their lodge number when ordering. Available only with a regular forged center cap.

Freemasons on proof gets a lifetime warranty with every purchase.

20″ – 24″ Diameters / 8.5″ – 13″ Widths.

Monoblock 1-Piece, 2-Piece or 3-Piece Concave wheel.

CNC  Machined.

Standard color: Beluga Black or Competition Gunmetal.

Price: Please inquire and use our contact page HERE.

The Home Page of Sons Of The Soil 1451 can be found HERE.

Sons of the Soil 1451 has one of the largest blue lodge facebook pages in the world and fully allows its masonic members from all over the world to post their own masonic events freely and without favour and can be found HERE. all rights reserved 2020.

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